The Spanish Antenna held its extraordinary monthly meeting on February 15 and at their invitation, José Luis Gutérrez Aranda represented the International Secretariat of AEFJN in Brussels. During the first part of the meeting, the ordinary affairs of the Spanish Antenna were discussed. In a second part José Luis presented the 2019-2022 Action Plan of AEFJN. He informed them about the latest developments of the Koudiadiène case and how the next European elections are being worked on by the Secretariat. José Luis took the opportunity to participate in a debate on Economic Justice in Africa at the invitation of the Council of the Sacred Heart Missionary Congregation, participated in the platform responsible for organizing the African Day in Madrid and visited the editorial staff of the magazine Mundo Negro led by the Comboni Missionaries. The Antenna showed its spirit of commitment to the values ​​of the Network and the Secretariat confirmed its work in the service of Faith and Justice placed at the service of the Congregations.