AEFJN has produced a manual for JPIC groups and other groups working on issues of economic justice. It is an excellent working tool to animate JPIC seminars. The Manual presents the underlying causes of economic injustices in Africa and it stimulates groups to work on issues relevant for Africa. The Manual consists of two Volumes.

Volume 1 : The Pastoral Circle

The Pastoral Circle is presented as a methodology of work in order to improve understanding of the world we live in, in particular the economic system and the ecology, and to provide a Christian answer to it. Below you can download the entire Volume 1, each of the chapters separately and the annexes.

Volume 2 : AEFJN Issues

Volume 2 gives a very detailed overview of all the issues AEFJN works at with annexes providing information for each African country. Below you can download the entire Volume 2 and each of the chapters seperately. You can find the annexes of Volume 2 with information on all African countries at the end of each chapter