Land is at the center of African peoples’ life. It is the sacred base of their lives, providing timber and stone for building homes, firewood for cooking, clay for cooking pots, grass for livestock, food to nourish families, and sacred plants for rituals and medicines. For Africans, land determines their identity as human beings, their dignity, their sense of belonging, reflected in cultural rituals such as the burying the new-born’s umbilical cord on the family’s ancestral land, a symbolic act of ongoing life and our unbreakable connection with the earth, hence Our Land is Our Life. Therefore, the struggle of African communities for land is not struggle for a commodity but a struggle for the Right to live. It is in the context that we can explain the struggle of the Maasai for their ancestral land in Tanzania. The violent eviction of the Maasai from their ancestral to make way for the tourist industry stands condemnable all people of goodwill. AEFJN is loop of a platform called Maasai International Solidarity Alliance (MISA) who support the struggles of the Maasai for their life. Apart from supporting the Maasai in their struggle, MISA will be updating you on our journey with the Maasai through the MISA newsletter. You can read the first edition of the MISA newsletter through this link.