AEFJN consists of about 50 Christian missionary groups with more than 80,000 members in Africa and Europe who have experienced the reality of Africa. AEFJN is present in most African and European countries with active groups (Antennae) on both continents.
AEFJN listens to the voice of Africa, gathering and sharing information and echoes it to the European Institutions. It analyses the impact of EU policies on Africa, raises awareness and invites everyone to lobby European policy makers and the governments of African nations on the underlying causes of poverty.

AEFJN respects the inalienable dignity of all human beings and promotes trade between Africa and Europe that considers human rights, labour rights, decent wages, fair prices, and a fair return for raw materials and agricultural products.
AEFJN responds to crisis situations, calling for action at European level.

AEFJN lobbies and does advocacy at different levels:

With other partners (civil society, NGOs, Church groups) working on the same issues and having similar concerns. AEFJN coordinates its activities at the European and national levels, joining in shared reflection on the issues and defining areas where common activities, such as joint statements, positions and conferences can be undertaken.

At Church level creating awareness among religious, missionaries and lay people on the impact of trade policies on the people of Africa. AEFJN works to change the unjust structures, which bring about impoverishment and inequality in the people and the countries of Africa.

At national level in collaboration with the International Secretariat, the national AEFJN Antenna works at national level, to create awareness and to make advocacy towards the national government, Parliament and Church groups.
At the EU level the International Secretariat is in contact different with DGs of the European Commission, with the European Parliament and with the Council.

At African level AEFJN is in contact with a number of groups in Africa working on economic issues.