The AGM of AEFJN took place in a hybrid form on October 14. The participants who were present were excited to meet themselves after two years; no thanks to COVID-19 that compelled us to have a wholly virtual AGM in 2020. The reports of the President, and that of the Secretariat were presented one after the other and discussed simultaneously because of the cross cutting issues in the different reports. The Bursar report and discussion came afterwards. One of the common denominators of the reports is the urgent need to strengthen the antennae in Africa. There were success stories of how the antenna of Mozambique got started and the antenna of Ireland got resuscitated. They are signs hope for the network in both Europe and Africa

Furthermore, the participants asked several questions bordering on the Secretariats campaigns on the Regulation of Trans-national corporations, the involvement of the network in the CGLTE-OA (Convergence Globale des lutes pour la Terre et L’Eau-Ouest Africaine) Caravan, RECOWA (Regional Episcopal Conference of West Africa) anchored Online Justice Pilgrimage and the regional campaign of SIAT in West Africa to know how their communities can be involved in Africa. On the whole, it was a grace filled AGM