Do you envision a world where economic fairness prevails? Wondering how advocacy can translate into tangible change? Let’s delve into the heart of our mission and explore the pathways we tread to champion Economic Justice across Africa.

🎯 Our Advocacy Objective: Economic Justice stands tall as our beacon. But how do we navigate the labyrinth of economic complexities? Our strategy is multifaceted, aiming to inform, empower, and effectuate change.

πŸ“š Informing and Empowering: Knowledge is power, and we’re on a mission to empower nations with the insights needed to safeguard their economic interests. From navigating Economic Partnership Agreements to combatting manipulation by EU institutions, our efforts aim to arm governments and civil society organizations with the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions.

🌍 Global Campaigns: Enter the realm of the UN Binding Treaty on Transnational Corporations (TNCs). We’re not merely spectators; we’re active participants in global campaigns. At sessions like the 9th OEIGWG, we amplify the voices of social movements, unions, and indigenous groups, advocating for measures to combat TNC impunity.

πŸ” Addressing Regulatory Gaps: The regulatory void in international human rights law poses a grave challenge. But we’re not ones to shy away. Our push for a robust Binding Treaty aims to hold TNCs accountable, ensuring corporate legal responsibility transcends borders.

βš–οΈ Key Provisions of the Binding Treaty: From due diligence and implementation to protecting defenders on the frontline, our blueprint for justice leaves no stone unturned. It’s about piercing the corporate veil, amplifying community voices, and establishing an International Court for TNCs. Justice knows no bounds.

πŸ“’ Highlighting Real-world Consequences: Beyond rhetoric, our advocacy speaks through actions. Through poignant reports like the one on the Niger Delta, we shine a spotlight on the human and environmental toll of corporate negligence. These real-world examples underscore the urgency of our cause.

πŸ’ͺ Challenges: Challenges may loom large, but our resolve stands taller. From tensions over the treaty’s scope to attempts at dilution by vested interests, we have weathered storms. Our victory against attempts to undermine the treaty signals resilience in the face of adversity.

🌐 Join the Movement: Let’s rewrite the narrative of economic inequality. Let’s champion Economic Justice, one stride at a time. Together, we’re not just advocates; we’re architects of change.

πŸ“œ Key Provisions of the Binding Treaty: No more lip service. It’s time for action-oriented measures. From corporate transparency to empowering local communities, our blueprint spells out the path to justice.

βš–οΈ Justice Knows No Borders: Let’s transcend boundaries and forge a future where accountability reigns supreme. Join us in the pursuit of #GlobalJustice, #TreatyTalks, and #CorporateAccountability.

In the pursuit of conomic justice, our journey continues. Are you ready to be a part of the change? Join us, as we unveil the blueprint for global justice.

Br. Elvis Ng’andwe, M.Afr