Land occupies a very prominent position in African socio-cultural context. It is a collective and undivided patrimony of families, clans, lineages and communities. A whole gamut of socio-cultural identity, security, religion and economic is embedded in the African relationship with the land so that whatever touches the land touches the innermost fiber of the people. It is not surprising then the African would gladly give his life to preserve the land because he wants to vindicate his intergenerational commitment to his anc

estors and to future generations.

Understandably, the comprehensive liberation of the Africans must address land as one of their most prized possessions and any process that dispossesses them of their lands alienates them. It is in that wise that both the Church and non-Church actors have become really concerned about the consequences of massive land acquisitions or land grabbing to the Africa society and are more determined to respond more creatively to it through a common platform – Our Land is Our Life. This joint reflection on land grabbing is a brainchild of the new platform and is meant to serve as a common universe of discourse in their joint actions for all the actors.


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