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AEFJN advocates for sustainable economic growth in Africa which reduce inequalities

Corporate Justice

AEFJN believes that the exploitation of Natural Resources in Africa should benefit local population

Food Sovereignty

AEFJN focusses on Access to resources and land for African family farmers


AEFJN promotes access to quality medicines at affordable prices for all in Africa


Christian reflections on Justice, Peace, Integrity of Creation.


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Lastest from Trade

Petition: Rights for People, Rules for Corporations

AEFJN takes part in the alliance of over 150 European organisations, trade unions and social movements, campaigning in favour of corporate accountability rules for companies, and against Investor to State Dispute Settlement, a parallel, one sided and unfair justice...

Lastest from Corporate Justice

AEFJN Nairobi: Workshop on Extractive Industry

COAL MINING IN KITUI COUNTY. The AEFJN antenna of Nairobi is on the frontline of advocacy against Extractivism in Kenya. Recently, the antenna co-organized a workshop on the Extractive Industry for the stakeholders. The workshop held in Nairobi brought together...

Mining in Africa, an Object of Desire

Among all the natural resources that Africa possesses, minerals are the most coveted by developed countries including the European Union (EU). In fact, in 2017 the European Commission published a Communication[1] updating the list of certain minerals that are...

Lastest from Food Sovereignty

SIAT: a land dispute in Côte d’Ivoire

SIAT (Société d’Investissement pour l’Agriculture Tropicale) is a Belgian group of agro-industrial companies specializing in the creation and management of oil palm and rubber plantations, as well as related and downstream processing industries. Founded and controlled...

What happens there touches us here (continued)

In the last edition of our newsletter, we published a story under this title and have received comments and questions arising from the content of the story. What follows now is an attempt to respond to some of these questions within the limits of the available space....

Lastest from Health


The model list of essential medicines was created by the World Health Organisation (WHO) in 1977 to offer governments a reference resource to help in the choice of medicines and the establishment of national essential medicine lists. Essential medicines are those that...

Health Threatened by Trade Deals

Trade agreements have potentially very damaging impacts on health. They multiply precarious jobs, weaken working conditions and open up the health sector more widely to the market. Here is the analysis of the working group of Be-cause Health and the Health and...


The AMRH was launched in 2009 with the aim of helping African countries to set up an effective system for the registration of medicines, thanks to regional harmonisation and capacity building. Likewise, the AMRH tried to improve the fragmented regulating system for...

Lastest from Spirituality

African-Driven Advocacy – A Roadmap to Social Change

“When I Give Food to the Poor, They Call Me a Saint, When I Ask Why the Poor Have No Food, They Call Me a Communist” Don Helder Camara, Catholic Bishop We are aware of the growing ideology in the European Union that sustainable development does not come about with...

Laudato SI: An Invitation to a Change in Lifestyle

AEFJN participated in the Second Laudato SI reflection day organized recently by CIDSE[1] in collaboration with COMECE[2], CCEE[3], GCCM[4], JESC[5] and Justice & Peace Europe. It was a discernment space offered by these Church actors to keep not only the Spirit of...

AEFJN Salutes Francois de Paul Houngue

The President, the Executive board and the entire membership of AEFJN celebrate the re-election of François de Paul Houngue into the General leadership team of the Society of African Missions (SMA). François de Paul was the immediate past President of AEFJN and...

Lastest from Africa

In solidarity with all Victims of Injustice

Divided between the revolt and the stress of everything I had heard from community representatives in their various presentations from the very first hours of our strategic meeting, I embarked on the field visit. This discovery of the field allowed me in a concrete...