Author: José Luis Gutiérrez Aranda

Season of Creation

Contemplating creation is a significant way to open our hearts to the mystery of the universe and the revelation of love that creation embodies. AEFJN is pleased to share with you weekly meditations from German Antennae through this season of creation to elicit a deeper consciousness of the inter-connectedness of beings and our responsibility to protect creation. Please link Ecological conversion – a Christian...

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Trade and Human (Rights) Development

 The yearly European Development Days took place at the beginning of June in Brussels. For 2 days, the participants were able to participate in debates that tackled different aspects of the development promoted by the European Union (EU).  It is this understanding about how the EU promotes this economic development, without a sustainable human development concept or any reference to human rights that drew my attention.[1] Just an example: at a round table about the opportunities of Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAS) in Africa there were six participants. There was no-one from civil society committed to human development and no...

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Publication of the WHO Model for the Regulation of Medical Devices

In 1977, WHO, the World Health Organisation, drew up its first list of essential medicines (EML). The EML, adapted in more than 150 WHO Member States, is a landmark for the prioritisation of medicines in the public sector of health systems. Since at least 1988[1], WHO has addressed the serious issue of the quality of medicines and other medical products, such as vaccines, laboratory products and medical devices. In 2002, it began its own drug prequalification program. Prequalification of medicines is a service provided by WHO to evaluate the quality, safety and efficacy of medical products (source-manufacturer). Initially, the...

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