The European Antennae met in Namur from May 10-12, 2019. Six European antennae and the Executive were represented at the meeting. In a very open and honest manner the participants had the opportunity to exchange opinions, experiences and look for the best way to understand the mission of AEFJN in the service of economic justice in the relations between Africa and Europe. The issue of land grabbing in Africa and concrete cases such as those of SOCFIN, FERONIA, SEPHOS and many others in which companies operate with impunity calls for more urgent actions for social justice.  In addition to AEFJN’s dossiers of land grabbing and corporate social responsibility (Action Plan 2019-2022) we also discussed about the elections and the functioning of the European institutions, analyzing the content of political programs of the parties related to the economic relationship between Africa and Europe. During the meeting the Antennae, the Secretariat and the Executive shared their points of views, experiences and expectations for the next year.